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The blog is about to celebrate it's first anniversary on Thursday, September 3rd, which to me is a huge milestone.  For me to stick with something for a whole year, that's kind of a big thing.  Another big event happened this past weekend, the blog surpassed the 25,000 page view mark.  Thanks for that.  Didn't really know what to expect when I started this. There have certainly been some growing pains. But, hopefully it is more enjoyable and better than it was when it started and hopefully it continues to improve.

I really do relish your input.  I want to provide what you want.  So feel free to click a comment button and leave me a message.



Recently, I was asked why I was doing game summaries for JHBB when I did not do it for JHGB.  Let me take a few minutes to provide some background and hopefully that will explain.

Let's head back to late August of this year, before the inception of

At that time I was unsatisfied with the school's website as it pertained to athletics.  After several years of broadcasting baseball and more recently softball, I have visited a lot of schools' websites while looking for information.  Oran's is certainly not the worst and considering the size of the school it's not bad, its just that I wanted something more.

Initially I wanted to build my own website but financially I didn't want to have to put any money into it and the "free" sites just didn't impress me, especially when it came to URLs.  I wanted to keep the address as simple as possible.  Also, I wanted to keep the process of updating information as simple as possible (I am still trying to figure out how to Keep It Simple Stupid).

So my second thought was to do a blog. Blogs have really evolved over the years and the interface makes it so simple a caveman could do it.  I had played around with one a few years ago so the whole blog thing was not totally foreign to me.

As construction began, my goal was to have it place for scores, schedules and tournament brackets.  You know, those things that weren't always readily available, especially at the Junior High level.

So as the fall sports seasons started I was able to post HSVB, HSSB & JHGB schedules and post scores and tournament brackets with only a few glitches here and there that were all self-induced.  Then, as the JHBB season was approaching I had a conversation with Coach Joe Shoemaker and I asked if he would be able to send game stats from the I Pad because I thought it would be neat to have a short game story posted.  Also, I don't believe JHGB used the I Pad for stats. (We ended up deciding that pictures from the score book work out better.)  But that is why the JHBB has a game summary and JHGB did not.

Could I have gotten statistical information from Coach Evans?  I'm sure I could have.  Did I think about asking? Nope, never crossed my mind. Will I ask in the future?  You betcha!

Basically, this blog is evolving as I come up with ideas or steal 'em from other sites.  How will it look next year at this time?  Who knows.  But thanks for asking.  'Cause if you're asking that means you're reading and if you're reading that means I'm not wasting my time.

Patrick Young

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