Thursday, February 16, 2017

Keep Improving District Schools (K.I.D.S.)

(This is a slight departure from our normal blog post.  I feel this is an issue that is very important for OUR school district.)

If were you at Tuesday night's boys basketball game against Advance, you not only saw a whale of a game but you also probably saw some yellow t-shirts being handed out and worn.  And if you weren't there, then you missed a whale of a game and probably have no clue about those yellow t-shirts.  Please read on and find out more.

There won't be much on the election day ballot come April 4th, but there will be at least 1 very important issue for Eagle Nation and not an issue that concerns only athletics.  There will be a no-tax increase bond issue called Prop K.I.D.S. presented that will help with several issues district-wide at Oran R-III.

The school board is giving voters an opportunity to help the district free up funds it now uses to pay for the Library remodel when the new elementary was constructed.  It would also pay for additional projects.

To print out this page, click HERE.

Here is a flyer that includes frequently asked questions:

 To print the flyer, click HERE.

And here is the actual ballot language:

To print the ballot item, click HERE.

For more information please contact steering committee chairperson Laurie Romas at 573-703-3016.

If you would like to contribute to help promote this issue, contact the steering committee treasurer Carrie Massy at 573-620-4991.  

So far the committee has distributed 100 of those yellow t-shirts promoting the bond issue and has received 100 yard signs that you should start seeing soon!

Please vote yes on April 4th!


  1. Please come out and vote yes on April 4th.

  2. Please vote yes on April 4 for Prop KIDS